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What's Up with #99pmpd?

What’s Up with #99pmpd???

What’s the meaning of I Heart Real Estate’s hashtag #99pmpd? We have all become accustomed to seeing them, these words or phrases preceded by a hash mark (#) and used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it. Really, hashtags are pretty remarkable, they are tools utilized by a variety of users to create awareness, to brand, to market, and trend conversations. Hashtags are almost 10 years old and #love (as an example) has been used more than 1.2 billion times in social media posts… strike that 1,200,000,001 times.

So, when IHRE created the hashtag #99pmpd it became evident that further explanation may be required. This hashtag represents our agent fee structure, which by the way is one of the lowest plans in the industry. Our model is simple; there is no fine print, there are no asterisks, and no hidden fees. Our plan includes $99.00 per month and $99.00 per deal. There are many additional benefits included in our value proposition that you can read through at the careers section on our website www.iheartreal.estate, but monetarily that’s it – #99pmpd.

You now understand #99pmpd, but how does this translate into the real world?

The answer to this question is best illustrated though a comparative analysis. For our analysis, we will assume that the real estate agent in our example is closing 1 deal per month for an annual volume of 12 transactions and the sales price is close to the national average $227,000.00 (or) $2,724,000.00 of gross annual sales. At 3% commission (industry average commission side), this would equate to $81,720.00 in gross commission income.

Comparative Analysis
90/10 Split
Big Box Brokerage = $8,172.00 paid to the brokerage firm
IHRE = $2,376.00 shared with the brokerage firm

80/20 Split
Big Box Brokerage = $16,344.00 paid to the brokerage firm
IHRE = $2,376.00 shared with the brokerage firm

70/30 Split
Big Box Brokerage = $24,516.00 paid to the brokerage firm
IHRE = $2,376.00 shared with the brokerage firm

Any broker split worse than 70/30, stop reading and call me immediately.

It is evident that our model saves agents money. We can easily illustrate that any agent transacting one deal per month paying greater than #99pmpd is paying too much. If you are reading this and can support a minimum of one deal per month and your brokerage split has exceeded $2,376.00, ask yourself why. What could you do with more money left over per month, per deal, per year? The bottom line is that we improve your bottom line.